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Sutherland Sisters
Summer Bay Honeys
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Meet the girls..

Tammin Sursok

Plays: Dani Sutherland

Age: 17

On screen: Dating Will Smith

Off screen: Has a boyfriend

Favourite pop group/singer: Any group with a funky beat.

Worst pop group/singer: Any group with techno theme.

Best fashion accessory: My black leather jacket.

Fashion no-no: Yellow and Pink polka dot socks.

Favourite comfort food: Cake.

Beauty tip: Drink heaps of water.

Dream date: Brad Pitt- who else.

Susie Rugg

Plays: Brodie Hanson

Age: 18

On screen: Dating Alex.

Off screen: I'm single.

Favourite pop group/singer: I really like Renee Geyer and Massive Attack.

Worst pop group/singer: Britney Spears.

Best fashion accessory: Anything with colour.

Fashion no-no: Anything grey.

Favourite comfort food: Cake, ice-cream and jelly beans.

Beauty tip: Tinted lip-gloss and all-over sparkles are in.

Dream date: Sunshine, good food and a tall-dark-stranger.

Christie Hayes

Plays: Kirstie Sutherland.

Age: 14

On screen: Dating Nick Smith.

Off screen: I have a boyfriend.

Favourite pop group/singer: Destiny's Child, Bon Jovi.

Worst pop group/singer: I'm not a fan of Christina Aguilera.

Best fashion accessory: My red bandana.

Fashion no-no: Anything striped with a print-yuk.

Favourite comfort food: I can't decide.

Beauty tip: Always remove your make-up before going to bed.

Dream date: I love Paul Walker[the skulls] to take me to a boat party on Sydney Harbour.

Kate Garven

Plays: Jade Sutherland.

Age: 15

On screen: Was dating Duncan Stewart.

Off screen: I have a boyfriend.

Favourite pop group/singer: Blink 182.

Worst pop group/singer: I don't have one.

Best fashion accessory: My funky blue watch.

Fashion no-no: Headbands are not a good look.

Favourite comfort food: Chocolate.

Beauty tips: If you feel good, you will look good.

Dream date: I think i'd have to say my boyfriend.