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Summer Bay Honeys
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The formative years...

Christie Hayes
Kirsty Sutherland

Born the 31st October, 1986 on the South Coast of NSW, Christie Hayes plays Kirsty Sutherland on Home & Away.

Until recently, Christie was living on the Central Coast attending school. She then got the chance of a lifetime to join the cast of Home and Away and be part of the new Summer Bay family- the Sutherland family.

This is Christie's first on going role on a television series. She was involved in the television series, 'The Search For Treasure Island' about a year ago where she played a storm princess called Maria.

Christie has also done various television commercials, and at the age of 9 was flown to New Zealand for a German yoghurt commercial. She also did Employment National Ads, a P&O cruise ad and a Potato Nuggets ad.

Her Home and Away character, Kirsty Sutherland comes to the Bay with her family who have moved from the city. Her parents Rhys (Michael Beckley) and Shelley (Paula Forrest) want their children to have a better lifestyle and decide to move to Summer Bay.

Kirsty has two sisters, one a twin- Jade (Kate Garven) and the older sister Dani (Tammin Sursok). Like all kids, this has been a difficult time for Kirsty and her sisters, having to leave all their friends behind and move to a place where everybody knows your business and the pace is that little bit slower.

"I think Kirsty is feisty and I like that in her. I think she is a bit more immature than I am- it is nice to play someone different- she is very cool", she says of her character.

And what does Christie think about joining the show and having an instant on screen family?

"I love working on Home and Away. It is like a little family. It has been so much easier now that I know Tammin and Kate so well- it feels like we have known each other for so long- we have become really close", she says.

Christie had to travel from the Central Coast each time she had to audition for the part.

"I was so excited when I heard I got the part. It was a long audition process by it has paid off. Mum was the one that told me I got the part and I immediately rang my best friend to tell her the news."

Christie now studies by correspondence and enjoys subjects such as English, performing arts- music and of course drama.

Christie also plays the flute; she started when she was 8 years old.

In her spare time, Christie likes dancing (jazz/tap), singing, hanging out with her friends and doing all the usual stuff that 13 year olds do.

She would also like to try to learn how to ice skate.

Her favourite actors are Mel Gibson, Patrick Swayze, Heath Ledger and Paul Walker. Her favourite actress is Angelina Jolie and her favourite bands are Blink 1 8 2, Killing Heidi and NSYNC.

Kate Garven
Jade Sutherland

Born on the 18th February 1986 in Sydney, Kate Garven joined Home and Away as Jade Sutherland.

This is Kate's first television role and she was thrilled when she got the part.

"Working on Home and Away is so much fun. The cast are great and they have made me feel like I am already part of the gang", she says.

Kate plays Jade Sutherland who moves to Summer Bay with her family from the city. Her parents Rhys (Michael Beckley) and Shelley (Paula Forrest) want their children to have a better lifestyle and decide to make the move.

Jade has two sisters, one a twin- Kirsty (Christie Hayes) and her older sister Dani (Tammin Sursok). Like all kids, this has been a major adjustment time for all the girls, having to leave all their friends behind and move to a place where everybody knows your business and the pace is that little bit slower.

Jade is pretty easygoing and adapts to the situation she is in.

"I think she is a nice person and a very sweet girl. She can be a little flighty and she always talks too much. She tends to babble on but genuinely cares for people", she says of her character.

Kate feels like she has adopted an instant family.

"We all get along so well and when we are on set we feel like a real family. I do spend so much time with the other girls and Michael and Paula. They are my second family".

Kate now studies by correspondence due to her Home and Away workload. She enjoys Design and Technology and English.

While this is her first television role, Kate has done numerous commercials since the age of 7. Kate has always had a passion for acting and did some courses at the Sydney Talent Company.

Kate has been dancing for the most part of her life. She started ballet when she 3 years of age and just started jazz this year.

In 1999 Kate was a finalist for the IA awards for ballet.

Kate lives at home with her mum, dad, older sister Emma (22), brother Matthew (19) and her other sister Lisa (16).

They share their home with their pets Mitsey, a beagle poodle, their cat Tilly and a peacock called Andrew. Kate is fortunate enough to live on 25 acres.

In her spare time Kate enjoys chatting on the Internet and listening to music. She says her musical tastes change all the time, but right now she is listening to Blink 1 8 2.

She also enjoys dancing of course and hanging out with her friends.

Kate's favourite actress is Drew Barrymore and favourite actor is Freddy Prinze Jnr.


Tammin Sursok
Dani Sutherland

Born on the 19th August 1983, Tammin Sursok joined Home and Away as Dani Sutherland.

Tammin was born in South Africa, Johannesburg and her family moved to Australia when she was 4 years of age.

Tammin is currently in Year 11 and studying by correspondence due to her Home and Away workload. Her favourite subjects are Art, Drama, English and History.

Tammin studied drama at school and attended the Trinity Speech and Drama college of England where she received a high distinction in her final exam.

Tammin has appeared in various commercials, including a Youth and alcohol advertisement and she started modelling a year ago and has appeared in various campaigns, print and magazine ads.

This is however, Tammin's first television role and while it was quite an audition process, Tammin is thrilled to join the show.

'I was so excited when I heard I got the part. I couldn't quite believe it. I think it will sink in when I actually watch my scenes on air. It still feels strange, I was absolutely speechless. This is something I have always wanted to do and thought if I didn't make it soon I never would- so it came at a good time', she says.

Tammin loves playing Dani Sutherland.

'I love playing her because she has a bit of an edge. She is the type of character that you can really get your teeth into. You couldn't call her boring', she says.

Tammin joined the show and became part of an instant family, not only with the cast as a whole but as part of an on screen family.

'It was really the best thing coming into a show with a group of people. I have never felt like I was on my own. You eventually find your feet and branch out but it has been a great comfort zone being with the other guys', she says.

One of Tammin's other interests apart from acting is dancing, which she has been doing since she was 6 years old.

She was involved with the Sydney Youth Musical theatre, where she studied, dancing, singing and acting.

She was also involved in all her school productions such as playing the lead in 'South Pacific', 'The Sound of Music' and 'Mid Summer Night's Dream'.

In her spare time, Tammin loves to hang out with people and describes herself as a 'people person'.

'I love to have fun and be surrounded by close friends and family', she says.

Tammin lives at home with her mum and brother Shaun and half sister Michelle.

She also shares her home with her two dogs 'Honey' and 'Smudge'.

Her favourite actress is Julia Roberts, and Catherine Zeta Jones and her favourite actor is Brad Pitt.

Her musical tastes differ dependant on her mood at the time. Tammin is into anything as long as she likes the lyrics. This can range from pop princess songs to grunge to underground bands.

Susan Rugg[brodie hanson] was born 17th january 1982 in sydney but did live in adelaide for a year when she was 8.Susan first entered the show as a teenage with a family problem but has now settled into the sutherland family as an extra daughter.
Susie finished school last year and had planned of going to university this year but fate stepped in and she joined Home and Away,she has deferred her studies to a later stage.
She has been involved in Youth Theatre since she was 7 and attended various drama schools,this is first long term role but she has appeared on tv before[all saint-guest spot]and is the face for telstra ads.
Susie loves Art,making puppets,cooking and theatre design.

Rebecca Cartwright
Hayley Smith

Rebecca Cartwright, born on the 23rd July, 1983, stars as Hayley Smith in Home & Away. Rebecca is no stranger to television having notched up various extra and speaking roles on both television and film, including Police Rescue, Heartbreak High, Water Rats and Totally Wild.

She in fact had a stint on Home and Away in 1991 as an extra.

She has had a variety of interests, the most prominent being dancing - jazz, tap, ballet, and street dancing, which she has been doing most of her life. She also loves swimming, roller skating, ice skating, horse riding, aerobics and acrobatics.

Rebecca trained at the Creative Dance Academy from 1987-1992 and then enrolled at the Australian College of Entertainment for Dance from 1993-1995, where she was awarded Junior Student of the Year in 1994 and Junior Drama Student of the Year in 1995.

In 1997 she joined Masque National Institute for Performing Arts where she was awarded Student of the Year.

She has been involved in professional performances since 1993. Rebecca has performed in pantomimes, Christmas concerts and the NSW Premiers Concert at The Sydney Entertainment Centre in 1994.

Credits also include entertainment for the Sydney Blues Baseball team 1994-1995 and 1995-1996 season, and for the Parramatta Rugby League, Eastern Suburbs Rugby League, Western Suburb Rugby League, Bulldogs Rugby League and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

She says her most exciting performance, however, would have to be at Disneyland, California. In 1996 and 1997 Rebecca was given the opportunity to perform on stage at Disneyland with the Australian College of Entertainment.

The role on Home & Away is a dream come true for Rebecca who says: 'Everyone has been so nice, the cast are great and I love every moment of it, even the early starts.'

Rebecca has been able to travel with the show, filming in England last year for some social episodes and to re-launch the program in the UK, and recently travelled to Los Angeles for a Home & Away promotional competition with winners.

Rebecca was nominated for 'Most Popular New Talent' at the 1999 TV WEEK Logie Awards, having only been on screen at that time since October 1998. She was thrilled to be nominated in the category along with her co-star Kimberley Cooper who won the award.

'I couldn't believe that I was nominated. I had a great time, as it was the first time I had been to the Logies and I was excited just to be there. I was so happy that Kimberley won, we were having bets on each other to win, so I won anyway.'